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How to Help

Short Stay

Gili Trawangan, the island of sun, sea and sand has many activities to offer above and below the sea; This is what makes it so popular with tourists and backpackers. We can guide and inform you, through the huge range of activities without damaging the island’s environment. Drop by our office and learn how to be a responsible tourist, what are the most sustainable fish to eat and where you can refill your water bottle on the island to keep your eco footprint small!


Long Stay

if you feel like you are a suitable candidate to become an eco warrior and you would like to stay for a while in Gili T. 

You can join our 1-month eco-warrior training by contacting us or filing up our online form with the button below!

You can join our coral conservation courses only or stay for a while after this training to apply all your new eco-warrior skills!

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