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Eco Tourism


Gili Trawangan, the island of sun, sea and sand has many activities to offer above and below the sea.; This is what makes it so popular with tourists and backpackers. We can guide and inform you through the huge range of activities, without damaging the island’s environment. Drop by our office and learn how to be a responsible tourist, what are the most sustainable fish to eat and where you can refill your water bottle on the island to keep your eco-footprint small!

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Zero Waste Gift Shop

Our office and Gili Eco Trust headquarters also double up as an eco-friendly gift shop and plastic-free store. Take a look at our homemade, unique jewellery, upcycled from glass bottles found on the island. Buy a reusable tote bag so you can say goodbye to all the plastic bags offered on the island.

We offer a range of travel items to help individuals move around as plastic-free as possible. Find your perfect metal reusable straw, bamboo travel cutlery or grocery produce bags in our store.

More recently, showcasing local produce and artisan products handmade in Lombok. You’ll find a wealth of shampoo bars, handmade soaps, upcycled tawashis and bamboo dish scrubbies that not only make a perfect gift (for you or a friend!) but gives you a chance to support some of the brilliant social enterprises we partner within Lombok.

We have a second-hand clothes rail, donated from those leaving the island after too much shopping, along with an extensive book swap shop, for all of your holiday reads and needs!

We also have a big assortment of recycled glass. From drinking glasses to ashtrays and candle glasses and lampshades. All made from glass bottles found during clean-ups and recycled from bars on the island.

Probably the most extensive island book-swap, bring your holiday reads along and swap it in a library with international titles, fiction, non fiction and travel guides.

Debris-Free Friday

Each Friday afternoon, we head to the beach in various locations on Trawangan to clean up plastic and marine debris that is polluting the environment.

A brilliant social event created to bring divers from different shops together, now sponsored by more than forty businesses on Trawangan for the last 7 years.

In total each year, tourists, divers, backpackers and the local community collect around 7,000kg of marine debris in a one hour Friday sesh!

In one hour, you can learn our waste strategies on the Gilis, and adopt it to newly found beach clean techniques to help sift and sort through plastics, to make sure we can continue to recycle up to 70% of the trash we find on the beach.

The best bit of all is to be rewarded with an icy cold beer for your great effort and passion! Good karma to start a great weekend.

A free drink provided


Eco-Snorkel Tour

We want everyone to have a chance to see the famous Biorock structures that have been growing corals for more than 15 years. 

We now run eco-snorkel tours to see the very best Biorocks in the area with chances to spot rare juvenile species, sleepy turtles that rest on the structures, and huge schools of fish amongst the colourful corals.

In one and a half hours, you’ll watch an introduction documentary to Biorock technology, learn why they have been so effective at restoring our damaged coral reefs, and then head out to snorkel over more than 100 Biorocks.

Minimum donation for the tour is 100,000rp which goes directly back into repairs, maintenance and building of future structures.

All participants must be competent swimmers (400meters in the ocean) and bring their own snorkel gear (can be rented at any one of the vendors on the beach strip).

100,000 IDR (minimum)
Snorkel gear not included

RE-Cycle Gili Tour

Follow us on a bike tour through the heart of the island exploring the true paradise that Gili Trawangan is. Immerse yourself in local Sasak culture and then investigate the darker side of fast touristic development – the island dump. With 15 tonnes of trash being collected from businesses every day, each one of us contributes to expanding the dump that many people never get a chance or care to see. 

We aim to uncover the truth of poorly managed waste that frequently occurs all over Asia and use this tour to introduce holidaymakers, staff in local businesses and budding eco-warriors who want to learn more about sustainable tourism.

This tour is minimum 100,000rp donation which goes towards funding the waste management strategies we continue to work on.

100,000 IDR (minimum)
Bike Rental not included


Stand Up Paddle
Eco Safari

More a watersports kind of person? Want to make a difference and help save our beautiful ocean? Then a SUP Eco Safari could be the perfect choice for your next fun day in paradise.

You can help to conserve the environment, whilst getting fit and tanned as well! We lead small groups from the beach and up to the north of the island. Over crystal clear waters, and seagrass beds frequented by sea turtles, we aim to clean and clear any floating debris we find, or hop off at a remote beach and clean some of the litter that we find. 

Cost 250k which includes rental of a paddleboard, free pocket mesh bag to continue your clean and green travels with, and a free lesson if paddleboarding for the first time!

250,000 IDR (minimum)
All inclusive

No need to book for Debris Free Fridays, just show up !

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